Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes are the perfect exercise tool for anyone looking to get a great workout to either maintain fitness, lose weight or just compliment a cycle training program. Exercise bikes come in two basic shapes namely an upright and a recumbent exercise cycle.

Compared to other exercise equipment it is hard to criticise a good exercise bike.

Some of the benefits of an exercise bike include:
Low impact – there is no impact on your joints while cycling when compared to something like a treadmill.
Easy to cycle – cycling is a very easy exercise to do and can even be done by people well into their retirement. Everyone knows how to cycle.
Caters for all fitness levels – Exercise bikes come with resistance levers that allow you to adjust the resistance exercised on the pedals. This means that depending on your fitness level there will always be a setting that will give you a good workout.
Minimal space – most bikes are very easy to install and take up the minimal amount of space. They’re also generally easy to move around and often come with small moving wheels allowing you to move it into storage when not in use.
Easy to keep interesting – there are many exercise dvd’s available today that will take you through a good workout session. It is also possible to move your cycle in front of a TV thus allowing you to catchup on some TV shows or watch movies while exercising. Lots of the models available today also have control units that contain exercise programs that you can follow. These will guide you through a session and give you a great workout.

Exercise bikes also come in all price ranges. The full range starts from simple models that allow you to turn a dial to adjust the resistance on the flywheel right up to advanced models with screens that display actual videos of cycle paths that simulate you cycling in the real world. These latter models can become very addictive as you explore these virtual worlds. The biggest problem is that you simply need to make a start.

Once you have an exercise bike your next challenge will be to use it effectively. It simply won’t benefit you in the long term by simply getting on the machine and pedalling away for hours on end. Your body responds by sessions of stress and recovery. Hours and hours of the same exercise sets simply means that your body will adapt to the exercise load and you won’t get any exercise benefit. Do your homework and read a bit how to get some goals for your exercise sets and you’ll have hours of benefit from this tool.

In summary you’ll get the perfect exercise workout from an exercise bike provided that you find one that will fit your lifestyle and you use it to it’s full potential. Exercise bikes are also the perfect companion for any exercise routine where a combination of power and cardio exercise is required.