Recently I decided to reinstall my PC that I run my Tacx Fortius on. I thought that after all these years maybe it is time to go from Windows XP to Windows 7. Below is a YouTube video if you want to skip my ramblings….

My first mistake was that I didn’t deactivate the Tacx Trainer Software before I installed Windows 7. This I realised when I tried to activate it again and was given a message that it was installed on another PC! Oops.

So there I restored Windows XP, started the trainer software and went to deactivate it successfully. I did the whole reinstall of Windows 7 again and started up Tacx Trainer Software and went to the registration screen. Filled in the info and clicked the activate button. It came back with a message saying that it was activate on another PC! Arggg……

I sent off a support mail to Tacx at explaining the situation and they came back with the following instructions for me. These worked beautifully so I thought I’d post them in case someone else is stuck in the same situation.

Unhide your hidden folders

  • Windows XP: Start Windows Explorer – go to extra – folder options. Then go to TAB view and select unhide hidden folders
  • Windows Vista / Windows 7: Go to windows explorer – then go to ORGANIZE – Folder and search options – go to TAB view and select unhide hidden folders

Replace the tts3.lic file

  • open Windows Explorer and replace theTTS3.lic (Right click and select “save as…” to save it to your PC beforehand) in
  • Windows XP: C:\documenst and settings\all users\application data\Tacx\TrainerSoftware\TTS3\
  • Windows Vista / Windows 7: C:\ProgramData\Tacx\TrainerSoftware\TTS3\

Then start the software again.
Use the new activation code that is provided in the email.

In my case my old activation key was sufficient to activate the software.

You can also find the above instructions in here PDF. Right click and select “save as…” if you want to save it on your PC.

Below is a Tacx video of the whole process…