NordicTrack SL710

NordicTrack SL710

The Nordictrack Sl710 is a Recumbent Exercise Bike from the NordicTrack stable.

The NordicTrack SL710 is really an normal type of recumbent exercise bike, with not much to really make it stand above its competition. However it performs its intended function, providing a challenging cardiovascular exercise within the ease, comfort and privacy of your house. Because of the recumbent design, you’re able to sit on a broad, flat seat along with back support rather than perching on a tiny bike seat, and also the SL710 is quiet enough so that you could entertain yourself using a television or perhaps a DVD as you workout.


Technically you’ll need nothing more than a seat, two pedals along with a resistance system to acquire a great workout. But Icon Health & Fitness, the organization behind NordicTrack, is well known for supplying its machines full of features.

The SL710 includes

  • handgrip heartrate monitors
  • optional wireless heartrate receiver
  • built-in cooling fan
  • training zone indicator
  • 2 heartrate control programs
  • 6 pre-programmed workouts

The SL710 also features Icon’s iFit programming, that allows one to connect your exercise bike to any CD player or DVD player and use CD or video-based iFit workouts, effectively increasing your bike’s repertoire of pre-programmed workout routines. You can even download iFit workouts.

Use the SL710

If you wish to control resistance for the NordicTrack SL710 manually, all you’ve got to do is take a seat and begin pedaling. Press the appropriate button to choose from one of the bike’s ten resistance levels. To work with some of the preprogrammed workouts, press the “Program Select” buttons till the appropriate program number appears and then press “Program Start.” Then get fit. The SL710 is a great way to get your exercise in, even when you do not have time for other active pursuits. Since there is no impact, you may even do your exercise routine during the morning hours or late at night with relatively little worry about disturbing the neighbors.