I came across this Indoor Trainer site recently that is….well different.  What it basically tries to simulate is the sideways motion that you get from your bike on the road whereas on an indoor trainer your bike stays rigid.

If you go around corners on the road you’ll tend to lean into that corner, but not on your trainer.  Also going up hills you’ll tend to sway your bike as you stand and pedal.

I’ve only seen their site and it does look impressive although a little pricey.  It is also more of a spinning bike than a pure indoor trainer but if you like it then look into it. I still prefer my Tacx Virtual Trainer though. It might not have the motion but you can’t beat it for a good training session. After all are you going to push yourself hard on a spinning bike if you already feel tired? With the Tacx at least you’ll be trying to keep up with Cadel Evans.

You can get a closer look here at their site.  They also have free classes if you live in Santa Monica.  Enjoy.