Time trials are known as the “Race of truth” as each rider is literally on his own. There is no drafting and the fastest man does win. So what can we learn from the Pro’s.

Obviously equipment does count when you’re at the pro level, so the best equipment is essential. If you’re not at that level then rather shed some weight around your stomach than lose a few grams on your bike. It’ll just be cheaper that way.

Cadence is important for time trials. Basically there is no perfect cadence. Some are more suited to a higher cadence and others to a lower one. Too high a cadence and you’re not generating enough force per pedal stroke. Too low a cadence and you generate too much force and you could fatigue too early. Get hte balance right according to your form.

The best pro’s keep their pace very level. Acceleration causes a build up of lactate acid which is not good. Thus a level pace keep’s you going for longer.