Spice Up Your Training

Here are some solid tips to help with those indoor training sessions. Often these sessions are met with pure expectation of boredom, but it doesn’t have to be.

These tips will get you going again.

  1. Set aside the time
    Decide what will work for your schedule and be realistic about it. Find 30 uninterrupted minutes when you can train. Do this REGULARLY. It MUST become a habit. It could be time before work, it could be time that coincides with things like watching TV, or it could be three ten-minute sessions throughout the day. Just be realistic.
  2. Build it up
    It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is – start slow and build up your workouts. You wouldn’t make your first cycle  a monstrous 60-miler or your first run a marathon, would you? Indoor training can also be a lot harder than outdoor cycling as you have no downhills to freewheel. Start with a short workout and gradually build up from there.
  3. Prepare – before the ride
    Hopping on and off the bike every few minutes to get a drink or change the TV channel won’t help you get the most out of your time. Have everything you need before you start. Items you’ll need would include a fan for cooling, a towel, a drink and an iPod for music.
  4. Try a training DVD
    There’s an impressive range of indoor training DVDs available, featuring programs that will improve your overall cycling. Some will let you ‘compete against’ cycling legends such as Mark Cavendish.
  5. Vary your workouts
    If you do the same thing day in and day out you would get bored – no matter what it is. So why do the same workout day after day? Mixing it up is better for your overall fitness. This will also keep your muscles challenged, and it’s a better way to stay motivated without getting bored.

Now, before you get started these tips might seem like “the obvious”, but they do work. Any training is simply a matter of doing it regularly and keep on improving.